Converting MKV to AVI

Yarom Vardimon, Israel

The unconscious one does not betray. He walks secure through life. But we who are a part of the tradition - the Europeans - and who carry on the tradition we have betrayed with awareness, insight and consciousness, we have carefully analyzed all the wars before they were declared. But we did not stop them. (And many amongst us became the propagandists of the wars as soon as they were declared). We describe how the poor are plundered by the rich. We live among the rich. Live on the plunder and pander ideas to the rich. We have described the torture and we have put our names under appeals against torture, but we did not stop it. (And we ourselves became torturers when the higher interests demanded torture and we became the ideologists of torture.) Now we once more can analyze the world situation and describe the war and explain why the many are poor and hungry. But we do no more.

Jan Myrdal