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Shigeo Fukuda, Japan

Are we this? Is this about us? Yes and no.
For we have been visited by dreams of tyrants.
How we disdain them, the featherbrains,
As we contemplate the punishment in store
For those who are overly in love with life.
Yet they are not such featherbrains after all, worshipping
In modern sanctuaries, and the inevitability of death,
Defeated by artisans, Is the solace of the museum hall.
So the Age of Artistic Glorification has returned.
The names of the gods are forgotten. In their stead the masters
Float above the clouds.The saintly van Gogh, Matisse,
Goya, Cezannne, Hieronymous Bosch,
In company with the lesser stars, a ring of acolytes.
And what would they say upon descending to earth,
Evoked in photos, newspapers, tv?
Where are the nights that deepened in some forsaken atelier,
Fostering and transfiguring the rootless of the world?

Czeslaw Milosz