Converting MKV to AVI

Lanny Sommese, USA

We two - we are a pair of evergreens, ignited by a thunderbolt,
A pair of flames in a midnight grove,
We two - we are nocturnal meteors in flight,
A double arrow in pursuit of an indivisible lot.

We two - we are a pair of steeds, one hand holding the harness
To rein them in and drive them furiously on;
We two - a pair of eyes that share a view,
Wings aflutter with a solitary dream.

We two - we are supine, a pair of dolorous shadows
On the marmoreal resting place
of beauty divine.

The equivocal mouth of a single mystery,
The pair of us - we share a sphinx,
We are - the arms of a single crucifix.

Vyacheslav Ivanov